You feel overwhelmed

Marketing tools offer so much flexibility that it has become very difficult to stay clear about what is your next best action & why.

Too many options

  • Problem part 2 - Don’t really know how they should allocate their efforts & budgets to achieve business objectives (growth (=acquisition + retention) + profitability))
  • The trend for marketeers is that they wil always 
  • Have less ressources / budget
  • Be asked to get more results
  • Have an increasing number of options to invest in
  • >> Result : they struggle to know what to do first > how to allocate their marketing budget > don’t know how to execute effectivey
  • Problem part 1.3.Think they are doing ok on retention
  • Ecommerce managers from small to midsized companies don’t have a clear view on how healthy their business is concerning retention
  • (also: Don’t have a view on the potential extra revenue they could generate from each customer)

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