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BuyFive. The right engagement to the right person at the right time.

We enrich your marketing automation with zero-party data & 

predictive re-engagement strategies in DTC e-commerce.

E-commerce is changing. 

The problem

01. CAC will continue to increase

  • Lower ad efficiency due to rising privacy regulations

  • CAC has already risen by 50% in the last 5 years

02. Loyalty is decreasing

  • 51% visit 4+ sites before making a decision

  • 77% will easily switch to a different brand

03. New expectations from shoppers

  • 84% of customers place the same emphasis on flawless engagement as they do on product quality

  • Attention span is decreasing, rapidly

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Change = Opportunity

Start building your competitive edge today

Olivier Flament

Head of data & direct marketing @ Decathlon

“We really enjoye working with BuyFive. It is a perfect mix of constant innovation, latest software technology & true passion for what they do”


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Early Adopters Program
50% Discount

  • Contribute to a SaaS solution that will match your specific ambitions & challenges

  • Become part of a selected community of e-commerce professionals that want to create their competitive edge in a cookieless world

  • Discover new ways to engage your existing customer base with the right offer/content at the right time to maximize revenue & reduce costs

  • Benefit from a 50% discount on all licensing and services


Early Adopters Program

Limited spots

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